UnSafe Dave


X-Dog Events is relaunching as X-Dog Adventures. Do not worry, we will be bringing back some of the old favorites! We will work on adding some new events and activities molded after the X-Dog style. Watch for a new calendar and announcements in the coming couple weeks. We will re-launch starting at the Maupin Experience on September 23-24th with a Cornhole Tournament and the Ride-Row-Run.


After more than 300 events and 30-years it is time for some re-inventing and refreshing. We started as a group and a community dedicated to new adventure and thinking outside the box. Our events inspired others to do the same. So now is the time to set new standards and bring some new inspiration to the community that together we built. We look forward to you being a part of our new evolution / revolution.


X-Dog Adventures will relaunch at the Maupin Experience. We begin our return to the future with the annual Ride-Row-Run. A Cornhole Tournament (The Deschutes River Cornhole Championships) will be held the day before. Some favorite activities (like the trike races) will return, so have no fear. Watch for all details to be posted shortly. Registration will open as well. Save the date: September 23-24th.


More than 30-years ago we started putting on events. We hosted events that were unlike any that had been done before. Scrambles, off-road duathlons, adventure events. We came up with ludicrous ideas and transformed then into an incredible community of like minded enthusiasts. We have hosted everything from Trail Beer Miles to Scrambles to Paddleboard events and triathlons and even golf! Now we will be working to update, improve, and inspire a new host of events. We will be posting information in the near future.


We will have a lot going on in the coming weeks. Stay in touch.